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Alto Ham and Scamorza

The Great Uprising

We’re loving the new Alto pizza range and this one’s a winner with a new favourite topping of ours; Scamorza cheese. Creamy and lightly smoked, this cheese is classically paired with Coppa Ham and Mushrooms on our fabulously fluffy Alto base. 
Scamorza is a delicately flavoured cow’s milk cheese traditionally made in the Apulia region of Italy. Shaped like pears, the cheese is made using a similar method to mozzarella, but to finish is left to hang together in strings to ripen. Scamorza becomes wonderfully elastic when cooked which really brings out its beautiful subtle and smoky flavour.

Scamorza is definitely an ingredient to be proud of, and so it just makes good sense to pair it with the jewel of our menu, our pillowy Alto base. Enjoy the Alto Ham and Scamorza Cheese Pizza with us, a few friends and a smile on your face.

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