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Aperol Spritz Recipe

How to Make The Perfect Aperol Spritz Cocktail

The perfect Aperol Spritz recipe requires just three iconic Italian ingredients. It's totally flexible so you can use bar measures, cups or jugs depending on whether you're having a cosy night for two or hosting a party with pitchers ready and waiting. All you need is:

  • three parts Prosecco
  • two parts Aperol
  • one part soda water

Simply pour these over ice in the order listed, add a slice of orange, and enjoy your Aperol cocktail. We like to add a skewered olive to garnish too but we'll leave the rest up to you!

Fresh and zesty, the Aperol cocktail is the perfect drink for every season, refreshing on a summer's day and reminiscent of brighter days on a cooler evening. 

Check out the video for a quick demo (and our dream home addition!)...


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