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Meet Adam Lindop, our Senior Ops Manager and new openings guru

Adam joined ASK Italian back in 2009 and has been promoted into a number of positions including General Manager, BOH Training Manager, Operations Manager, New Openings Operations Manager and more recently to Senior Operations Manager.

Why did you choose a career in Hospitality?

Like most people, you kind of fall into it.. I started working in the kitchen of my local restaurant at Mill House Inns at 14 and quickly got hooked on preparing and cooking food. I enjoyed the energy in the kitchen and discovered a passion for food and thrived on working in a team. I progressed to be Head Chef leading a team of 12 at the age of 17 then went on to become Assistant Manager then Deputy Manager!

What were you doing before ASK Italian?

I was at Caffé Nero for 3 years as a General Manager in Hull and also supported in opening up new stores in the business. I was tasked in setting up high performing teams and Hull was recognised as a site with exceptional standards and training. After Nero I then went to Barracuda Bars as a Relief Manager taking on difficult situations in restaurants and bars which needed stewardship within short time periods. Overseeing 16 restaurants and bars at Barracuda it gave me experience that I use to this day. I then returned to Mill House Inns as a GM for a flagship restaurant and now with ASK Italian!

What do you do in your day to day role?

I lead all new opening restaurants at ASK Italian from acquiring a site, supporting the recruitment of great talent, building great teams and working with Head Office teams to put together a robust new openings plan. I also support in the transformations of existing sites to ensure a smooth process that allows our great teams to develop and build after a refurbishment.

What excites you about ASK Italian at the moment?

Same thing as the reason I joined ASK Italian 7 years ago – the amazing food that I’m proud to serve every day! The food stops conversation and the focus on the development of our people is the heart and soul of our business - working with good people is easy!

What advice would you give someone who wants a career in Hospitality?

Remember that through a positive outlook and a focus on the customer you can deliver an exceptional customer experience – and most importantly you can enjoy something that you care passionately about. For anyone looking to progress it’s good to have a thirst for knowledge and a willingness to self-improve every day.

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