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Baked Chocolate Gnocchi

Dip and Dunk our delightful take on mini Chocolate eggs!

At ASK Italian we love to mix things up and our new Baked Chocolate Gnocchi definitely does that, combining two of the nation’s favourite foods; chocolate and pasta! It may sound a little out there but you could almost describe them as mini doughnuts – trust us, “doughnut gnocchi ‘til you’ve tried it!”

A perfect little alternative to an Easter egg, these Italian dumplings are stuffed with gooey Nutella and served with extra chocolate sauce on the side to take you to next level chocolate satisfaction!

Why not order the Italian way with our fabulous new hand gesture menu? Inspired by the passionate conversation Italians have over their meals, we’ve introduced the first ever hand gesture menu so that you can have a little fun when ordering one of five new dishes on our menu! If you’ve got your eye on our chocolate gnocchi, have a go using the video below and ask a member of our team to see the limited edition menu when you arrive at the restaurant.

And if you're still not sure about our dessert gnocchi, why not check out what Prima magazine thought (hint: they were VERY excited when they arrived at the table..).

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