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Make an edible bouquet at home

Get crafty!

We have partnered up with our floral friends Rebel Rebel, to create an edible bouquet themed around our new Spring Menu. If you've missed our masterclasses, not to worry, the green fingered Rebel Rebel will guide you through the stages of creating the “La Dolce Vita” bouquet. 


Step One

Flower arranging is all about releasing your creativity – so feel free to use whichever flowers you like, for either the smell or the colour. However, here’s a guide to flowers we know smell beautiful and work fabulously together.


2 x Scented ‘Prince Jardinière’ roses

2 x Chamomile stems

3 x Cornflowers

2 x Violets

1 x Mimosa

1 x Jasmine

2 x Courgette flowers

Herbs and foliage

A selection of Bay, Sage, Rosemary (from the garden).  Mint can be sourced from your local independent florist

A bunch of Eucalyptus branches or the same number of Myrtle branches (a small bunch will suffice) 

2/3 Blossom branches

2/3 Olive branches


Step Two


Gather everything you need so you have all your materials in one place– no scrabbling looking for string as you put the final touches to your arrangement! Prepare by laying all fresh bouquet ‘ingredients’ out on the table and remove any lower leaves from chosen plants, removing leaves that would be submerged in water in a vase.


Step Three

Pick a large piece of foliage – we suggest Myrtle or Eucalyptus (relatively robust plants that work really well as a ‘base’ for bouquets) - hold in your left hand if you are right handed, right hand if not. At an angle, add a flower – we suggest a rose, or some chamomile to start building your bouquet. Keep adding the flowers and foliage one sprig at a time whilst slowly spiralling the bouquet.  As you are building the bouquet keep in mind these top tips:

Flowers and herbs with shorter stems (such as courgette flowers and the yellow mimosa flowers should be added at the end) 

Keep twisting the bouquet slowly and pause to look at what you are doing, you want a mixture of height, colour and texture with each layer.

Add texture by using small blossom branches and arrange the olive branches for its silvery reflective colouring throughout.

Try not to make it too symmetrical – the bouquet can be arranged with some flowers and herbs higher, and some lower.


Step Four

Tie together at the base, where your hand is holding the bouquet, with thick string to keep in place and find a suitable tall vase to hold the bouquet. Your final fresh Italian Edible Bouquet is ready for display! Best enjoyed with a bowl of fresh pasta and glass of wine.

Another top tip –  Use any herbs you have left over that are about to go out of date by freezing them! Cut them up and fill an ice cube tray with olive oil. Perfect to add to pasta sauces. We’ve put some ice cube trays on your table for you to use!

Edible Bouquet

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