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Alya Mooro’s Festivo wrap up

“Stand out dishes included the pancetta and chestnut ravioli”

We invited superstar blogger, journo and fashion expert, Alya Mooro of moorizzla.com to kick off the festivities at ours!

“…when ASK Italian invited me down to host a dinner at their new look restaurant and try out the new Super Festivo Christmas menu, I was, needless to say, totally down. I invited along some of my favourite self-employed creative girl bosses and we had such a good time!

So what did Alya make of the food?

The Super Festivo Menu has everything from mussels and giant baked meatballs to the classic garlic breads, pastas, and a mushroom soup which was a particular fave for the table. Stand out dishes also included the pancetta and chestnut ravioli, which came finished in a crunchy walnut and cream sauce.

The special – Prima Pizza Natale – was particularly delicious, a combo of smoked turkey, pancetta, caramelised onions, chestnuts, spinach and etc.

And the vibe?

My guests, Jessica Vince of Dressr, singer/songwriter Nefera, jewellery designer Goldie Rox, DJ Sydney Love, Photographer Sophie Jones, and videographer and food bloggers Nieordha and Helena and I laughed well into the night, sipping on Prosecco and for me, (always with the rum) a tropical mojito; rum, mango, passion fruit, lime and lemon juice.

Down to business, did they manage to save room for dessert?

I have this long-held belief that we have a separate, mini stomach reserved for dessert. How else can you explain that no matter how much you’ve eaten, there’s always room for a bit of pudding? And so… We finished the meal with the Chocolate Profiterole Gigante filled with hazelnut gelato and the Pistachio and Olive Oil cake. Switching over to Frangelico, a hazelnut liqueur which was seriously one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted, just like drinkable Nutella with a douse of alcohol. Basically, perfection.

We had a blast with Alya and her girl gang. If you fancy winning your own Super Festivo meal for you and three friends, check out the details on how to enter with moorizzla!

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