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Pea Power!

Grow your own super peas.

This summer, we are championing the super pea.

As a nation, we love peas! On average, we each eat around 9,000 peas every year. That's a lot of greens!

It's important to us that the little ones get their veg, our kids menu is a chance for us to sneak veggies into their meals. Our tasty tomato sauce is one of their five a day* and our brilliant bolognese has sneaky hidden veg. We've also recently added our Chicken Goujon dish, which comes with roast potatoes and peas. Peas are one of our favourite veggies, and they have lots of health benefits for your little ones. They're full of nutrients, protein and vitamins. They're full of bone-building Viatmin K and immune system boosting Vitamin C.

So this summer, we are giving away a free side of peas with every kids menu.

We also want to encourage kids to get growing, and will be sending the little ones home with a packet of pea seeds**. Just ask your server for your very own packet and follow these instructions:

1. Find a small pot, fill with compost and shake the pea seeds lightly into their new home.

2. Sprinkle gently with water

3. Cover the pot (you can use an upturned yoghurt pot) and put somewhere light and warm. A window ledge usually works well, as pea seeds get their energy from the sun.

4. Once you see little pea shoots starting to sprout, remove the cover and move to a shaded area.

5. Enjoy watching them grow!

Share your photos with us on Instagram with the #PeaPower, don't forget to tag us so we can see what you've been up to! While your little ones are enjoying their food in our restaurants, we also have a brand new activity sheet involving puzzles, pea facts and a fun spot the difference! Pop in to discover your hap-pea. 

*based on an adult serving containing at least 80g of fruit or vegetables

**while stocks last

Grow your own super peas

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