Butternut Squash Tips & Tricks

We love the humble squash

Butternut Squash is one of the joys of Autumn – the vibrant colour and distinctive flavour make it a great addition to many dishes. We love butternut squash so much, we’ve added it to two of our new dishes – the Prima Vegan Zucca Zucca Pizza and our Butternut Squash and Prosciutto Risotto on our new Autumn Menu to celebrate the staple of the season.

However, peeling your squash can be a bit of a struggle! Our simple hack below means you don’t have to risk chopping off a finger when you’re hacking away at that impenetrable skin.

1: Prick the skin of the squash with a fork

2: Microwave the squash for 3 ½ mins (The microwave softens the skin and also cooks a little)

3: Let the squash cool

4: Use a peeler to strip that skin!

5: An added extra is using an ice cream scoop to remove the seeds.

Once you’ve peeled, you can cook many ways. We like to Puree and Roast ours; we use the puree as a base on our Prima Vegan Zucca Zucca Pizza and top with roasted cubes of goodness. In our Butternut Squash and Prosciutto Risotto there’s added butternut squash puree as well as cooked squash throughout. Make sure you don’t forget those little seeds! Chuck them in the oven when you’re roasting the squash and enjoy as a healthy snack.

Italian food is made for sharing, so share this link with your friends & family to help them enjoy butternut squash too.

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