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When Life Gives You Lemons

Make Limoncello

Meet Cesco, our Limoncello making expert

Cesco’s great grandfather, Don Staibano lived his entire life on the Amalfi Coast where he was well known for his style, charisma, and for throwing the best parties! When he wasn’t busy holding a party, you’d probably find him tending to his lemon groves, and perfecting the recipe for his unique tasting Limoncello.

In 2015, Cesco decided to continue the family tradition, and began producing the Limoncello we now have in our restaurants. The Don’s recipe first created in 1932 is still the one used today to create the Stibano Limoncello you find in our restaurants. 

On why he decided to restart making the Don’s Limoncello, Cesco says: “I was blessed to have a life split between London and Amalfi and to have been brought up with a strong understanding of the importance of high quality produce! I wanted to bring back to life what my great-grandfather did so well, something that was hard to find: the highest quality limoncello at a price that made it accessible to all, and a brand that symbolised Don Vincenzo's fun and stylish life!”

Cesco now works with a co-operative of lemon growers, whose I.G.P Amalfi lemons are some of the best in the world. They grow on terraced groves that overlook the Mediterranean coast-line, and when it’s harvest time the lemons must be hand carried down hundreds of steps before being sent on their journey to be made into Limoncello… Carrying them down is a real labour of love, but we agree with Cesco – so worth it!

Here are some of Cesco’s top tips for enjoying Staibano Limoncello:

“I adore an espresso and a small shot of limoncello. The limoncello freshens the richness of the coffee and it’s an ideal way to finish a big dinner.

“The limoncello should always be nice and cold straight from the fridge - not the freezer in my opinion.”

As well as a Limoncello Spritz which you’ll find on our menu, there are few long drinks Cesco recommends to pair with his favourite Italian dishes… Perfect for making at home!

Amalfi Summer Cup:

30ml Staibano Limoncello, ice, fresh mint and cucumber, ginger ale. Served in a high ball glass.

Cesco says “This is quick and easy to make and makes a great aperitivo that is low ABV. This is perfect for a picnic environment, to accompany a light cold pasta salad or panzanella (my favourite Italian salad).”


30ml Limoncello and Ice cold prosecco. Served in a champagne glass.

Cesco says “A drink fit for any reception and to kick off a festivity. Pairs perfectly with canapes, my fave being with mini bruschetta or grilled zucchini rolls filled with a soft cheese and parma ham!!”

Staibano Spritz :

20ml Gin, 20ml Staibano limoncello, prosecco. Served in a wine glass with basil and ice.

Cesco says “This is our families take on a Limoncello Spritz. The gin adds a nice dry element to it perfectly balanced with the sweeter limoncello.”

And finally, Cesco’s most important tip for maximum Limoncello enjoyment is about enjoying it with your favourite people…

“However you like to drink your Limoncello, enjoy it with family and friends! One of my favourite things to do is to make drinks for family and friends - at my Papa's big 70th last year - we didn't hire in a bar, instead I made a range of new drinks testing out new concoctions on friends and family! The drinks were great the place was a complete mess though!”


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