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The Tartufo Story

behind our Christmas Special Chocolate Orange Bomba

The story goes that pastry maker, Don Pippo de Maria was tasked to come up with an ice cream dessert that could be served on a plate when the hosts of an aristocrat’s wedding realised they didn’t have enough cups to serve the guests’ ice cream.

And so, in the charming coastal town of Pizzo, Calabria in Southern Italy, the tartufo was born.

Usually composed of two or more flavours, the layered dessert is often found with a classic combination of chocolate and hazelnut but can also be filled with frozen fruit or a tangy syrup in the centre. Traditionally the two flavours of ice cream are hand shaped around the filling before melted chocolate is poured over the top and set as a chocolate shell to wrap up the ice cream and its hidden filling.

Tartufos were adopted as special Christmas gifts, a tradition that is becoming popular again.

The word ‘tartufo’ means ‘truffle’ in Italian but it is also known as ‘bomba’, which you may have seen amongst our Christmas Specials! Our Chocolate Orange Bomba is filled with a passion fruit and orange filling, and encased by a vanilla and chocolate parfait. It is served on chocolate soil, and covered with nutty chocolate and white chocolate sauces, and topped with white chocolate shavings.

Pop in this winter and enjoy our Chocolate Orange Bomba as the perfect festive finish to your meal.


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