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Your Italian Christmas Antipasti

Delight Your Guests This Festive Season

Top tips for a showstopping antipasti board:

• Start with your cheeses – a couple of soft and one or two hard cheeses is a good mix. You could slice or dice the cheese to make it easier for your guests to help themselves.
• Add some fresh fruit & veg – crunchy carrots, some green leaves and tomatoes, and something with a bit of tang like clementines or grapes.
• Build in some meats – try a small selection of ham and salami.
• Decorate with your favourite garnishes – pickles, chutneys, nuts and nibbles. You can arrange these in small bowls or just dollop and scatter them around.
• Crackers – fan out a variety of crackers and you’ve got yourself the ultimate cheese board with added extras.

Pour a round of Aperol Spritz for the ultimate Italian sharing moment and sit back and watch your guests admire – and then destroy – your beautiful creation!

P.S. Your board doesn’t have to be really excessive on fancy ingredients, pick a few really nice bits like a creamy burrata, breadsticks wrapped in prosciutto and fresh figs or honeycomb and make up the rest with what you’ve got in the cupboard or what’s on offer in your local shop. It’s also a brilliant way to transform leftovers – roasted meats, odds and ends of cheese, cranberry sauce – into a sharing board of dreams and you could add a festive twist by cutting out some of the bits in star or Christmas tree shapes.

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