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  • How do I book a table?

    You can book directly online by using the Book page and choosing which of our restaurants you would like to visit.

    After selecting the restaurant, you will also see all contact details for the restaurant, including a phone number, in case you want to call and book over the phone.

  • How do I make a change to an existing booking?

    After making a booking online you will receive a confirmation email that includes a cancellation link or click here. You can click on that link at any time to cancel your booking and then re-enter the website to make a new booking.

    Alternatively, you can change your booking at any time by calling the restaurant directly.

Food and Menus

  • Does ASK Italian cater for special dietary requests?

    Yes, we do cater for special dietary requests. Our menu indicates vegetarian dishes and those dishes that are unsuitable for nut allergy sufferers. For those with Coeliac disease who need to avoid eating gluten, we are proud to say that Coeliac UK have awarded ASK Italian the No Gluten Containing Ingredients (NGCI) accreditation as an official trademark for our new menu featuring dishes made without gluten. Any of our pizzas (except the Artisan and Calzone ranges) and classic pastas (excluding Ravioli) can also be made with non-gluten containing ingredients. Please do email us using our 'Contact us' page with any other enquiries you may have.

  • Does ASK Italian use Halal meat?

    We offer a wide choice of dishes, and across these, use both halal and non-halal chicken. The halal chicken is halal at source; our kitchens don’t operate halal procedures. All our other meats are non halal. We’re committed to high animal welfare standards and as such all animals are stunned before slaughter.

    Dishes on our menu that contain chicken (which is halal at source) are: Penne al Pollo della Casa, Pizza Pollo Piccante con Pancetta, Risotto con Pollo e Funghi, Rigatoni con Zucchini e Pesto (if you choose to add chicken), Calzone Cacciatore and our Kid’s Pizza Pollo e Prosciutto.

    Our restaurant teams are always happy to help you if you have a particular dietary requirement or if you have any questions about dishes on our menu. Alternatively, please do email us using our 'Contact us' page with any other enquiries you may have.

  • My favourite dish is no longer on the menu, can I still order it?

    We hope you'll love our new dishes, but if an old favourite is no longer available, please do ask the Restaurant Manager. Depending on the dish and the ingredients our chefs may still be able to prepare this dish for you.

  • The menu is very different to what I am used to, why have you changed?

    Our new menu reflects our passion for fresh, authentic quality Italian food. We've added a number of more authentic dishes like our Fettuccine Bolognese, Prima Pizzas and our new gelatos, tweaked some of your favourites, like our chefs salad and garlic bread and also kept many of our classic dishes. We've removed a few dishes to make way for the new ones.

    Throughout the menu you'll find some fantastic, 100% Italian ingredients like our buffalo mozzarella, olive oil, tomato sauces, prosciutto and Baronia pasta. On our drinks menu we've added some great new sparkling all-Italian soft drinks from San Pellegrino, the Aranciata and Limonata.

    We've worked with our expert friends to get the menu just perfect! We're very excited to be sharing it with you now and hope you enjoy it!

  • Where can I find your menus and prices?

    Please visit our Menu pages to see our menus and prices.


  • How can I buy ASK Italian gift vouchers?

    Simply CLICK HERE to purchase ASK Italian Gift Vouchers.

  • Some of your restaurants look very different now, why have you changed?

    We'e changing a number of elements in our restaurants as part of our journey to bring Italy to life in ASK Italian.

    As you've noticed, in some restaurants we're changing the full interior design and then over the next couple of years we will gradually refresh the look and feel in all our restaurants.

    Recently, we've made some smaller changes across all of our restaurants, clean white table tops, beautiful new teapots, salt and pepper mills, cool new wine glasses ... right down to the details of ASK Italian branded cutlery.In all of these changes our design inspiration has been Milanese style and you'll see this in our bold, clean and contemporary new look. We hope you like it as much as we do!

  • What are your opening hours?

    Opening hours do vary slightly so it's best to check with the specific ASK Italian restaurant.
    Visit our restaurant pages and select a restaurant to see their opening hours. You will also see the restaurant address and phone number.

  • What do you provide for kids?
    We love having kids in our restaurants. We have a specially designed menu for kids with a starter, choice of main course and choice of dessert for £6.25. Please visit our menu pages to view our full kids menu.
    The menu also doubles up as a colouring page to give the kids some fun during your meal. Each of our restaurants has a picture gallery where we display children's drawings.
    High chairs are available in all of our restaurants and nappy changing facilities vary per restaurant.
    Please visit our restaurant pages to choose a specific ASK restaurant and see full information on the children's facilities available.
  • What facilities are available at ASK Italian restaurants?
    Many of our restaurants have facilities such as private dining rooms and outdoor seating.
    Please visit our restaurant pages, choose the relevant ASK restaurant and see full information on the specific facilities available.
  • Where are the ASK Italian restaurants located?

    We have over one hundred restaurants across the UK.
    Visit our restaurants page to see the locations of all our restaurants.

  • Your new wine glass is very unusual, why did you choose it?

    They are very striking and different, we love them! We wanted some new glasses that matched the fresh new look we are giving to the restaurants; contemporary, simple, and different. We've had lots of customers asking where they can buy our glasses for themselves - they are now available to buy in all of our restaurants at £28 for a pack of 6.

Special Offers

  • Can I just make a note of a promotional code or do I actually need to print out the voucher?

    Each promotion carries its own code and terms and conditions. You can make a note of the code and show this to the team member on arrival at ASK Italian. Provided it is valid according to the particular terms and conditions of that offer, this is fine. Alternatively, you can print the voucher and bring it into the restaurant with you. In both cases, please do show the team member your code or voucher before you order.

  • Where do I find details of your offers?

    We regularly update our offers. Please visit our offers page to see details of our current promotions.

working at Ask Italian

  • Are employees paid minimum wages and do they receive their tips?

    At ASK Italian all of our staff are paid at least the minimum wage. We value our team, many have been with us for years and we're proud they have chosen to stay with us for so long. When you leave a tip, it ends up where it should do - in the team's pocket. We appreciate their fabulous contribution and they deserve to be rewarded! The amount of tip that you want to leave is for you to decide and it is the team's responsibility to ensure that they declare cash tips to the HM Revenue and Customs for tax purposes. If it is more convenient for you to leave a credit card tip, ASK Italian will be accountable for ensuring tax is paid on it. Because of this, 8% is deducted to cover the costs of getting these taxed and paid to the team. ASK Italian does not profit from this charge.

  • How do I apply to work for ASK Italian?

    If you are interested in working with us we would love to hear from you. Please visit our 'Join us' pages where you can check out our management vacancies and apply.

Getting in Touch

  • How do I contact ASK Italian?
    You can contact ASK Italian by phoning us on 0845 602 2704 or emailing us using our 'Contact us' page.
    We are always keen to hear feedback and will respond to all comments. 
    Use our contact us form to tell us about your experience at ASK Italian, both good and bad.

Partnership and Charities

  • Do ASK Italian support any charity projects?
    At ASK Italian, we’re proud to support Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity (GOSHCC) and love working with this rewarding charity which we’re all passionate about. We aim to support fundraising for the hospital’s charity to allow them to treat more children, and provide facilities for patients and their families. As families are so important to us here at ASK Italian, the link between us and GOSHCC is instinctively right. 
    Click here for more information on our partnership.

Customer services

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  • Tel: 0845 602 2704